Friday, March 9, 2012

Why do we as Black People walk so slow......

I wonder why do we as black people walk so DAMN slow at  At work everyday on the escalators, outside on the street, or in the store, I can say with certainty that I will get behind one of "US" and we will be carrying on a conversation with our friend, checking our phone or just walking to damn slow. It's funny when you see the people of other races start to roll their eyes and whisper among each other. It's also irritates me as well and I'm black...haha. What's funny we are the best and fastest athletes in the world, but don't expect us to walk very fast anywhere we need to's funny. I bet you never even thought about it, next time take a look around and see if you notice what I mean..... Speak on it people, I encourage all people of all races to comment.


  1. I am currently doing research on this for a paper about engaging differences. So many stereotypes surrounding this and I want to actually understand it. When I ask white people about it they rant and rave about entitlement issues, bad attitudes and pants falling off. When I ask Blacks who do not "walk slow", they talk about bad role models, lack of positive attention and/or the possibility that it happens more in urban settings where poverty is not uncommon. I personally wonder if it relates to the fact that Blacks are part of a historically oppressed group (after so much oppression maybe it's internalized and then results in this behavior). I don't know. I would LOVE more feedback from the Black community, especially Black people who find themselves walking slow! P.s. I am a White female but I walk super slow because of a physical disability. There's always more than meets the eye and a why to go with it. Think outside the box, people! :)

  2. I am white European male (6 years in USA). And I just hate it about black people. Back in East Europe we dont have blacks people AT ALL, so even see them still make me stare at them, still cant get used to them,but, anyway...They walk slow as hell...Tehy want to show up like they cooler, or chilling? hey r the ones who dont have jobs and responsobilities, thats why they r not in a hurry...... I went today online to find out WHY THE F...? they do that ?Huh? Why?????

  3. I think they want someone to tell them to speed up so they can have a confrontation.